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the handcrafted wedding



The Handcrafted Wedding offers 4 expertly designed styles that fit your personal style! No matter which design you pick, they each come pre-packed with everything you need and delivered to your doorstep (or you can pick it up). All you need is 10 of your best friends or, let’s be real, 10 of your best helpers, and assign them 1 of 10 duties. Don’t worry if you’re not a design pro, each individual station has a step by step guide and a reference photo that will provide perfect assembly. It should only take 3-5 hours to complete. Let us fashion your wedding while you enjoy the peace that this process brings!


Starting at $300

We deliver the prepackaged Handcrafted Wedding to your wedding venue.


Starting at $300 + $.55 a mile outside a 30 mile radius of Abilene. 



Starting at $30

 Pick up the pre-packaged Handcrafted Wedding in an enclosed vehicle protecting it from the elements.

We recommend this 15ft  Uhaul truck

Starting at $30 + $.99 a mile





We pick up the pre packaged Handcrafted Wedding from your wedding venue.

This option is only available if you have chosen the delivery option above.



Return the Handcrafted Wedding (the day after your wedding) in the rented Uhaul truck or enclosed vehicle.  


"Coming into our wedding season, my fiancé and I are were both very busy - I have multiple jobs in the medical field and he was starting a business, but we both have dreamed of this day our whole life, of course we want to be involved in making it come true! This package helped us make it happen. There were frequent check-ins with Kendra which were like guardrails that kept me on the right track! Also, I was able to use my engagement time to invest into my future marriage rather than running around time trying to buy enough decorations to decorate 50 tables plus a ceremony. In return I wasn’t stuck with that amount of unneeded decor to try and resell or give away. The weekend itself was perfect. Set up day was organized, nothing was forgotten, and my friends were able to help me set up without asking five million questions. Everything came in boxes with an example picture, instructions on how to get it there and everything that was needed was in the box. We had a timeline on suggested times to keep my set as concise as possible. All I had to worry about was when the flowers would be there the next day. Our set up for 300+ guests was finished in a few hours and looked like a dream come true!! There were no last minute hobby lobby or Walmart trips! My wedding week was stress free. Also, I super appreciated the easy cleanup for my family after the wedding. They didn’t have to worry with where to put the wedding decor, the boxes where already there marked with what needed to go into it.  It was less than 2 hours total for clean up and they were home reveling in the good day. This package is perfect if you need a little help, but hope to do  it yourself!” 

Aimee & Blake Robinson

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